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Texas Interpreter and Translator


Texas is big! It's the second largest state, next to Alaska, and there are absolutely endless opportunities for an individual interested in working in Texas translation. Numerous cultures need translators, and not just the large minority percentages of Mexicans, but also, South American immigrants, Native Americans, the Dutch, and more. With all the major cities in Texas, its melting pot of multicultural communities rivals that of California and Florida put together.



Who can benefit from a Texas interpreter or translator?


The answer is: everyone involved! The industries below are just a few of the different career paths you could choose as a Texas interpreter. The benefits are endless, whether it’s through communication of information, medical histories, and legal matters. Texas certified translators are in high demand.


  • Medical - Texas is a huge state, with a massive number of hospitals, and an even larger number of clinics and small medical offices. With such a large Hispanic and Latino population, many of these institutions already have Spanish and Portuguese translators. It would be more prudent as a translator or interpreter, to search for smaller offices, or hospitals advertising specifically for either language, or to offer your services to a hospital that is near a reservation, Czech, or Dutch community.
  • Legal Industry - With all the major cities in Texas, crime is rampant in urban and country regions; with translators and interpreters, those accused, or prosecuting, have the opportunity to have a fair trial, without any issues from a language barrier.
  • Insurance Companies - Along the coastal region of Texas, there are several areas that are often afflicted with hurricane damages. Unfortunately, the coast is also home to a large multicultural community that rarely has the opportunity to insure their homes and property against the damage done by natural disasters. Texas residents in this area need competent interpreters to explain the ins and outs of disaster insurance.
  • Tourism and Travel - Tourism is a huge industry in Texas, and many people often travel to the state internationally. With all of Texas's major airports, train stations, bus stations, etc., there are tons of different jobs open for translators of all languages.


Languages Spoken In Texas


  • Spanish - Over thirty-five percent of the population in Texas is of Hispanic or Latin American descent; many of these people are recent immigrants, but a fair number have also lived in the region since the eighteenth century. Because of the large Hispanic and Latin American population, knowing Spanish, or having a Spanish interpreter or translator is essential for conducting business in Texas.
  • Various Native American Languages - Of the many Native American languages spoken in Texas are: Apache, Atakapan, Bidai, Caddo, Comanche, Cherokee, Kiowa, Tonkawa, Wichita, Hueco and the Karankawa, among a few others. Each of these tribes speaks different dialects, and requires translators and interpreters as well.
  • Czechoslovakian - Texas is a host to a melting pot of languages, and there are a very small number of Czech interpreters and translators for the Czechoslovakian community in Texas.
  • Dutch - Many Eastern European immigrants settled in Texas, and Dutch speaking citizens are no exception. Though the concentration of Dutch speakers in the Texas population is small, the need for translators is that much direr; especially in the travel and tourism industries.
  • Portuguese - The other part of the thirty-five percent Hispanic and Latin American population speaks Portuguese; a language so like Spanish that many people don't actually realize the difference. The need for Portuguese translators and interpreters is just as great as for that of Spanish interpreters.


Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. offers an extensive list of certified interpreters in Texas, refer to our language list for a complete list of available languages.

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