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Pennsylvania Interpreter and Translator


Pennsylvania has seemed pretty bland; the tourism business is small, there aren't many major cities, and the state isn't really famous for too much. Then why is Pennsylvania translation such a big deal? There are still hundreds of thousands of people who depend on translators every day to make daily life manageable. With recent immigration, and constantly rising multicultural population, Pennsylvania needs qualified translators just as much as any other state.



Who benefits from a Pennsylvania interpreter or translator?


Everybody! Employers benefit by having qualified people on their staff, companies benefit by having more exposure to potential clients, and the clients benefit because it's that much easier to communicate. Here are a few of the major careers in which translators are very valuable.


  • Medical - Translators that are fluently multilingual, especially in Asian languages, will be especially valuable to hospitals and medical institutions in Pennsylvania, with its ever growing community of Oriental immigrants. The necessity of knowing how to help patients is the most important in the medical field; translators break the down any obstacles in the way of communicating their medical needs to physicians.
  • Legal Industry - There are various ways a qualified translator can enrich the Pennsylvania legal system by simply making sure everyone has a fair say in the many legal processes that may have excluded minorities because of a language barrier in the past. Men, women, and children who don't speak English as a first language can benefit in many ways from simply being able to tell their stories. That's where a great translator comes in.
  • Insurance Companies - Any insurance carrier can sympathize with the difficulty in trying to communicate with minority clients, however, the clients feel the same way! Pennsylvania certified translators take away this headache situation, by becoming a competent intermediary. The clients understand the way the system works, while the carrier understands the client's needs.
  • Tourism and Travel - Pennsylvania's tourism industry isn't the booming enterprise that Florida, or California has, but it's still very active. The growing Asian community is proof enough of multicultural travel; many visiting relatives coming to see the current residents, as well as many more moving to the state permanently. Pennsylvania certified interpreters are able to make traveling less stressful, for both the travelers, and the people conducting the services.


Languages Spoken In Pennsylvania


There are numerous languages spoken in Pennsylvania, namely, Asian languages; they're in the highest demand. A Pennsylvania interpreter speaking any of the language below definitely has marketable skills.


  • Spanish - The percentage of Hispanic and Latin Americans in Pennsylvania is fairly high, but still second to the numbers of the Asian community. While part of this group is also from South America, the larger portion is made up of Spanish speaking families and individuals.
  • Portuguese - The smaller group of Hispanic and Latin American residents are Portuguese speaking residents, usually from South America, or Brazil.
  • Italian - Italian Americans have a slight presence in Pennsylvania, because it is so close to New York, which has the highest population of Italian Americans than any other state in the US. Many Italian-Americans or Italian immigrants moved from New York to Pennsylvania because of the lower costs of living, and more affordable housing. Italian translators and interpreters will continue to be necessary in Pennsylvania as long as New York's rent keeps going up.
  • Asian Languages - Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Laotian and other Asian languages are spoken frequently throughout Pennsylvania because of its high concentration of Asian communities. Unlike many other states, however, whereas the highest percentage of foreign born residents is often Hispanic or Latin American, Pennsylvania's highest percentage of foreign born residents is Asian instead. Translators and interpreters proficient in Asian languages will do well in Pennsylvania, although there are a few other states with a higher Asian population.


Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. offers an extensive list of certified interpreters in Pennsylvania, refer to our language list for a complete list of available languages.

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