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New York Interpreter and Translator


The first thing people think about when they hear 'New York', is the huge city, with its enormous population, and millions of people who commute to work every day, home every night. It's a huge city, but unfortunately, the rest of the state is easily overlooked. New York City is brimming over with numerous different cultures, languages and people who speak different languages. The rest of the state has the same multicultural community, but less people that can serve as a New York interpreter in their communities.


Who benefits from a New York interpreter or translator?


There are varied industries in which communication with people who speak other languages is important. New York translation, by certified interpreters is important; the jobs below can put qualified interpreters in positions that really make a difference.


  • Medical - Translators that are certified by the state of New York are an invaluable resource to a state like New York, home to New York City, which has millions of foreign visitors, and immigrant residents who may have no English skills. These people deserve the best possible medical care, and a qualified New York translator can make it happen.
  • Legal Firms - New York interpreters will find plenty of work in the legal field; they can be of assistance to law enforcement, attorney's offices, the federal and state courts' system, and more! The legal system can never have too many state certified translators or interpreters; these people make sure that all clients, regardless of ethnicity receive fair and equal treatment.
  • Insurance Companies - Insurance companies that hire certified New York translators have a valuable asset on hand; individuals that can provide vital knowledge to their clients. Carrier and client are able to have a close, informed relationship when communication is unhindered.
  • Tourism and Travel - The tourism industry is absolutely enormous in New York; millions of people go there every year, and many of them do not speak English as their native tongue. Not only airports, travel institutions, and other transportation depots have great need for translators, but other venues as well. Restaurants, hotels, and any other businesses that deal with tourists on a daily basis should have translators on staff, and if not, then at least on call.


Languages Spoken In New York


Languages spoken in the city, or in the rest of New York, are numerous; the several languages you see below are only the tip of the iceberg. A certified New York interpreter, that speaks many different languages fluently, is the most in need. If you're interested in becoming an interpreter in New York, do some reading below, and see if you have the skills to make the lives of others easier.


  • Spanish - Spanish is a core language, and is spoken in almost as many households, and around families, as English. In New York, a cultural melting pot of people living, working, and touring the city, Spanish is an especially frequently used language. There are people working in the city, visiting the city from other countries, which may be using the Castilian dialect of Spanish as well. Interpreters will find plenty of work in New York, starting with the tourism and travel industry.
  • Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin) - Around five percent of New York's Asian population speak Chinese at home, -both Cantonese and Mandarin dialects, which is why translators are particularly important for this language. Interpreters skilled in both dialects would be able to easily work inside of New York City.
  • Italian - New York is home to a larger population of Italian Americans than any other state in the United States, and though many of them are skilled in the English language, many more are still immigrating or visiting. The travel and tourism translators and interpreters get plenty of work, but it's also important to remember that there are still older generations Italian New Yorkers who may need translator's services as well.
  • Russian - Around two percent of New Yorkers speak Russian comfortably at home; so although this may seem like a small number of people's it's actually hundreds of thousands. This is especially significant considering New York's huge population. There is definitely a need for Russian translators within New York; both in the city, and the state regions.
  • Jamaican Patois - Jamaican Patois, otherwise known as Jamaican French is used often in New York, particularly the urban areas, where there's a larger concentration of African Americans. Jamaican Patois is merely another dialect of French, so French translators may often be used for interpreting conversations; however, often the two dialects are too dissimilar even for a generic French translator to dissect. Jamaican Patois translators would be particularly useful in New York; especially in the urban areas.
  • French - French Canadians occupy a large region of upstate New York; French translators are not however, that much in demand, since many French Canadians have English skills as well.


Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. offers an extensive list of certified interpreters in New York, refer to our language list for a complete list of available languages.

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