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Language Certification


Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. provides solutions wherever language creates a barrier to effective communication. We can provide you with language and cultural training, language proficiency testing and performance evaluation for all of your multilingual employees. Our certification processes cover a range of subjects including ethical practices, adapting training materials, protecting intellectual property, and promoting cultural sensitivity and telephone protocol, constructed for your company’s specific challenges and needs.


Your organization's legal department and risk managers must be certain that how your interpreters serve limited English-proficient customers complies with numerous governmental and industry standards and, even more importantly to prevent your organization to potential lawsuits. Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. clients receive an "on-file record" for JCAHO audits which meets and exceeds OCR guidelines and CLAS Standards


Lessen your liability and improve your risk management with language certification and be assured that the needs of your diverse customer base are being met.


Contact us today at 1-800-726-9891 to find out further details of how we can service your language certification needs.

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