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Consecutive Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators (ASIT) offers both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. During consecutive interpretation appointments, the (English) speaker talks while the interpreter listens. The (English) speaker then pauses while the interpreter delivers the interpretation in blocks of words or sentences. Simultaneous interpretation greatly differs because there are no pauses in the flow of conversation. Oftentimes a simultaneous interpreter will sit in a sound-proof booth to interpret in real-time while listeners are wearing headphones.

At ASIT, we believe that having high-quality language interpreters begins with contracting the right people. These interpreters are not only proficient in both languages being interpreted; they also possess dialect and subject matter knowledge needed to ensure an accurate interpretation between English speakers and non-English speakers. ASIT’s nationwide network of over 9,000 contracted interpreters all across America provides simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation services for courtrooms, medical appointments, conferences and more. Our professional interpreting services include in-person, telephone interpretation and video remote interpretation (VRI).

Cultural Experience

Our contracted interpreters are familiar with the cultures of their trained languages, creating a relaxed and culturally sensitive interpretation for all parties involved. Contact ASIT to schedule an interpreter for any of the following scenarios:

  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Depositions, Trials, Mediations and Court Hearings
  • Client Meetings
  • Medical Appointments
  • Conference Calls
  • Employee Interviews and Orientations
  • Religious Functions
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Physical Therapy Appointments
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Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Arkansas | ASIT, an IU Group Company

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We are a full-service interpreting company providing:

  • In-Person Interpreters
  • Telephone Interpetation
  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)
  • American Sign Language Interpretation (available for in-person and VRI)

Any situation where language creates a barrier to communication requires a professional interpreter. Being bilingual does not qualify a co-worker, receptionist or colleague to interpret in a professional atmosphere. Professional interpreters are the medium during these sessions. They also are trained in HIPAA Privacy Rules, OSHA law, and other compliance regulations.  We find local interpreters to interpret for insurance companies, law firms, hospitals, government agencies, and corporations. Contact ASIT today for more information.

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Making Connections Nationwide. Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators (ASIT) is now an IU Group Company. For more information about ASIT’s professional interpreting services please call, 877-312-1300 to speak with a representative.

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