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In-Person Interpretation


in-person language interpretation coast to coast


Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (ASIT) provides in-person interpreters. ASIT works with various clientele to offer interpretation nationwide. Our in-person interpreters travel to your location to provide the most professional and accurate language interpretation.


ASIT works a lot with Sign Language interpreters. We also work closely with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and other certified in-person interpreters. We ensure our interpreters are trained and proficient in both the source language and target language. They also have knowledge dialect and subject matter needed to perform an accurate interpretation.


We can provide interpreters whenever language may cause a barrier in effective communication. Call ASIT today to learn how to schedule an in-person interpretation.


We have experience in providing simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation services for:


  • conferences and seminars
  • depositions, arbitration, mediations and court hearings
  • client meetings
  • medical appointments
  • physical therapy sessions
  • workers’ compensation interviews
  • employee interviews
  • recorded statements
  • trainings
  • phone calls
  • attorney appointments
  • parent/teacher conferences
  • classroom interpretations
  • religious functions
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