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California Interpreter and Translator


With the multi-cultural makeup of California, it is no wonder that there’s such a great demand for translators and interpreters. In major cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and other large metropolitan areas throughout the state, there are millions of people from hundreds of different countries living side by side and doing businesses with one another. Translators and interpreters help bridge the language gap between these different groups, helping everyone co-exist in a productive manner.



Who can benefit from a California translator or interpreter?


There are several industries that stand to benefit the most from having a language specialist on call. These types of jobs can include:


  • Medical – Certified translators have a high value in hospitals and other medical facilities. Having an interpreter present when an individual needs to explain what is ailing them can be the difference between life and death.
  • Legal Industry– California attorneys need qualified translators to help them depose witnesses who do not speak English as their first language. Interpreters can also help clients better understand the charges that are being brought against them in a civil or criminal court trial, as well as inform them of their options if they have been wronged and will be the plaintiff in a legal matter.
  • Insurance Companies – The ins and outs of the American insurance system are hard enough to understand if English is your native tongue. Imagine trying to make sure that you and your family are protected if you do not fully understand the language. California interpreters working in the insurance industry can help explain benefits and act as an intermediary between the carrier and client, providing a full interpretation of this vital information.
  • Tourism and travel – California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and translators and interpreters are helpful as guides and unofficial ambassadors to the state. Those who speak the language of incoming California visitors can help make their trip more enjoyable and less intimidating.


Languages in California


What are the most common languages used by California interpreters and translators?

As we mentioned above, California is a melting pot of different cultures from around the world. If you walked the streets of Los Angeles or San Francisco long enough, you would like meet a representative of almost every country on Earth.


There are, however, several languages which are in more demand than others among interpreters and translators in California, including:


  • Korean – Individuals of Korean descent represent one of the fastest growing demographics in Los Angeles. Those who speak Korean and English proficiently are becoming more and more in demand.
  • Chinese – Since the early 20th Century, California has been home to a thriving Chinese population, especially in the San Francisco, CA area. Plus, if you are doing business globally in the 21st century, there is a strong chance you will be working with China at some point – and will require the services of a Chinese translator.
  • Japanese – Still one of the most commonly used languages of business. Individuals who wish to work the Pacific Rim or the California Tourism industry with equal aplomb should have a Japanese interpreter on their speed dial.
  • Spanish – Obviously, Los Angeles in now made up of more Hispanic residents than any other group. Therefore, any individual who wants to conduct business at the private or governmental level should know where to find a Spanish translator or Spanish interpreter. Knowing the Spanish language has become an essential part of doing business in Southern California.
  • Italian - The demand for qualified Italian translators is high in metropolitan areas like San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Finding a certified Italian interpreter can do you wonders when conducting business in California.
  • Portuguese – Often overlooked, Portuguese translators and interpreters find a tremendous amount of work in California because the state is highly trafficked by individuals from Portugal, Brazil, and other nearby countries.


Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. offers an extensive list of certified interpreters in California, refer to our language list for a complete list of available languages.

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